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Caparol HaftGrund EG

Caparol HaftGrund EG


Caparol HaftGrund EG is a white pigmented, special priming paint (wash primer) for covering priming coats on interior and exterior surfaces before applying finishing coats of dispersion, dispersion-silicate and silicone resin paints.

it is also an adhesion-promoting primer on on smooth, sound/stable substrates, e.g. gypsum plasterboards, concrete, as well as slightly absorbent mineral renders CSI - CSIII according to DIN EN 998-1, gypsum and ready-mixed renders PIV according to DIN EN 13279-1 and gypsum building boards. Especially on gypsum boards, a risk of spalling of thin gypsum putty layers is significantly reduced. As a priming coat with good grip before wallpapering of all kinds on smooth, slightly absorbent substrates.

Material Properties

  • Silicifiable for following coats with dispersion silicate paints
  • Emission-minimised, solvent-free, unplasticized
  • Grip priming coat especially on thin gypsum filler
  • Extends the open time for subsequent coats
  • Free of preservative
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers "Deutsche Haut- und Allergikerhilfe E.V." (German Skin and Allergy Aid Association)
  • Adhesion-promoting on slightly absorbent substrates 


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