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HB42 PS1 Primer-Sealer Stain Block

HB42 PS1 Primer-Sealer Stain Block


HB42 PS1 Primer-Sealer Stain Block is a premium white shellac primer-sealer it is designed for high performance, permanent stain blocking. The Ultimate Stain Blocker in one coat.

HB42 PS1 is suitable for interior surfaces and to spot exterior surfaces. Providing a rapid matt finish that covers stains in one coat. Ideal for use on all interior woodwork, plaster, glossy and hard to paint surfaces such as tiles, varnish, or gloss paints. Block odours including mould, smoke and nicotine and even seals in stains from grease, water, smoke, wood knotting and sap residue, crayon, ink, lipstick, rust and more. Can also be used to seal porous surfaces so topcoat paints have better coverage.

HB42 PS1 Key Technical Specifications:

  • Cover in one coat!
  • Blocks Stains/Odours
  • Dries in 15 minutes
  • Recoat in 45 minutes
  • White and tintable
  • Paint any surface
  • No sanding required
  • Coat with any paint

Suitable for water-based and oil paints. Rapid matt finish for woodwork and plaster. Use for interior and spot exterior.

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