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Little Greene Mid Lead Colour (114)

Little Greene Mid Lead Colour (114)


Little Greene Mid Lead Colour (114) is the darker lead colour that provides a more powerful finish and was favoured on woodwork and doors.



Used for

Absolute Matt Emulsion

 Used for interior Walls & Ceilings


Intelligent Matt Emulsion

Durable matt emulsion for Walls, Ceilings, Woodwork, Metalwork & can be used on exterior masonry


Intelligent Eggshell

Durable water-based eggshell for interior Walls, Ceilings, Woodwork, Metalwork

14m² 15%
Intelligent Satinwood

Durable water-based satin for interior Walls, Ceilings, Woodwork & Metalwork

12m² 35%
Intelligent Gloss Durable water-based gloss for interior Walls, Ceilings, Woodwork, Metalwork & exterior woodwork 14m² 80%
Intelligent Exterior Eggshell Durable water-based eggshell for exterior woodwork 12 15%
Intelligent Floor Paint Durable water-based floor paint for interior Wood, Metal & Concrete floors 12 35%
Intelligent ASP (All Surface Primer) Water-based adhesion primer for all interior and exterior surfaces  13 6%
Intelligent Masonry Paint Water-based masonry paint for exterior masonry 13 5%
Wall Primer Sealer Water-based primer for new, unpainted Interior & Exterior Walls. Can also be used on friable Walls & Ceilings 13 5%
Distemper Durable water-based chalky finish for Interior Walls & Ceilings 15 3%
Limewash Water-based external paint for porous stone & lime rendered surfaces 6 3%
Interior Oil Eggshell Suitable for most surfaces including woodwork and primed metals eg: radiators and pipework 16 20%
Traditional Oil Gloss Oil-based gloss finish can also be used on both interior and exterior woodwork and metalwork 18 90%
Tom's Oil Eggshell Suitable for exterior woodwork and metalwork 15 15%
Aluminium Wood Primer Wood Primer on new and bare interior and exterior woodwork. Can also be used as a stain block 10 15%


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