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Maverick Series X Brush

Maverick Series X Brush


Be a decorating Maverick with the MAVERICK Series X Brush. Designed to help decorators perform at their best, this exceptional tool will give you a significant advantage in achieving excellence. Unafraid to be different, MAVERICK learns from the best and offers the change you never knew you needed. Elevate your decorating game with MAVERICK.

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Series X Paint Brushes

BEYOND PERFECTION | Advanced In every way

The Maverick Series X brush has been designed for decorators committed to being the best of the best. Its iconic and ergonomic form features a matt black oval aluminium ferrule bonded to a contoured beechwood handle sourced from well-managed forests. Suddenly, those other brushes look very ordinary. At the performance end, Memex advanced filaments retain form longer, maximise productivity, and taper further for the finest finish. Series X goes beyond perfection and puts ultimate all-round performance in the palm of your hand. At every moment, on every job, you really can have it all.

3-Brush Set | 2.5", 2", 1.5"

  • Memex advanced filaments
  • The neatest edge
  • The finest finish
  • Maximum shape retention
  • Oval profile

Series X S-Type Brush Set 3PC

maverick, series x, paint brush, memex filaments, memes

maverick, series x, paint brush, memex filaments

maverick, series x, memex filaments, paint brush set

maverick, series x, memex filaments, paint brush set

Memex advanced filaments

Designed for superior performance, Memex filaments retain form longer, maximise productivity, and taper further for the finest finish.

The neatest edge

High-density, oval profile brush heads are loaded with advanced Memex filaments for masterful control and fluid cutting in

The finest finish

Memex filaments have a smooth profile that tapers further for gradual paint release and a refined finish

Lasting shape retention

Memex filaments have improved wear resistance, more elastic memory, and reduced flex fatigue

Optimise your Performance

Pro decorators demand exceptional results every time. Maximise the performance of your Series X paint brushes and extend their useful lifespan with these pro care tips.

Q: How should I prepare my Series X paint brushes before use?

A: Before first use, pre-wash and comb the filaments to remove any debris. For best results on every use, pre-wet the filaments with a suitable thinner and remove excess for a slightly damp, primed state that will accept the most paint. Avoid using water-based and solvent-based coatings with the same brush. Always refer to the coating manufacturer’s recommendations before starting application.

Q: What’s the best way to clean my brushes after use?

A: Remove any excess paint, then wash with a suitable thinner. For water-based coatings, use water. For solvent-based coatings, use white spirit. Rinse the brush head thoroughly with clean water and remove excess with a clean towel. Wipe wooden handles and ferrules with a damp cloth. Comb to shape and hang to dry naturally. Avoid using hot water or applying direct heat to brushes.

Soak, machine wash or use citrus cleaners at your own risk.

Wooden handles are porous and can absorb water. Exposure to excess water may cause the handle to expand (when wet) and contract (when dry) causing the brush head to become loose.

Q: How should I store my paint brushes after use?

A: Once dry, place your brushes in a protective cover or original packaging in a dry, dust-free place to keep them in top condition for your next project.

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