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Provinci Roller Saver

Provinci Roller Saver


Do you want to keep your paint roller fresh for a minimum of 3 months, then switch from plastic bags and think green! Paint rolls are often expensive and rinsing them often takes up valuable time. Poor preservation can cause dried up, useless rolls that get thrown out during the project. The time it takes to roll in and out of plastic, drive to the store to replace rollers and clean rollers, is valuable both for the painters, paint contractors, as well as the end customer! With the Roller Saver, you cut costs by reducing your consumption of rollers, and by avoiding these issues.

Most people care about their environmental impact, and everybody knows that plastic bags are bad for the environment. With Roller Saver you reduce consumption of plastic bags rolls, cleansers, and paint.

Features / Benefits
- Keep rollers fresh for a minimum of 3 months
- Fits rollers from 18-25 cm (7" to 9")
- Store with or without handle on 
- Keep the workplace and car tidy
- Easy to clean when paint is dry or wet
- Short term storage: paint stays fresh
- Long term storage: store clean roller free from dirt and dust

- Length/height/width: 27 / 10 / 10 cm
- Weight: 230 gram
- Materials: TPE og PP
- Wash with up to 80ºC water
- Withstands solvents and cleansers (such as white spirit)

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