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Colour Matching

Colour Matching

Paint Matching

Colour Matching Paints With dozens of paint suppliers on the market supplying literally thousands of possible paint shades, sometimes you still can’t find the ideal colour match for your requirements. That’s why we can help with our paint matching service using the very latest technology from the three major paint suppliers, Crown Paints, Dulux and Johnsons.
Your dream colour choice can be matched to an existing colour or we can help you create your own bespoke colour – if you can get your sample shade to one of our branches, we’ll be able to match* it!

Watch our video, where we match a customer’s T-shirt to get the right shade they are looking for:

All three systems use a calibrated sensor to ‘read’ the colour sample supplied and then matches the reading to a shade in the colour library. A comprehensive variety of shades are available, including matt and silk emulsions, high gloss and eggshell finish for woodwork and many others.

You can also experiment with new colours using a visualiser application online, before you go anywhere near a paint can! Just download the app from your preferred paint manufacturer and you will be able to visualise your actual room with whichever paint shade you want, with the simple click of a button. Talk your ideas through with one of our experienced team and we will help you create your perfect room.