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Bedec Super-Flex Elastomeric Flexible Coasting Paint - Colour Supplies (Chesham) Ltd

Bedec Super-Flex Elastomeric Flexible Coating Paint

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Bedec Super-Flex is a flexible and elastomeric coating, quickly applied by brush, roller or spray which dries to form a high build, seamless waterproof membrane. Economically prevents or cures all types of leaking roofs, gutters and walls. Easy to apply, Super-flex remains flexible and elastic to allow for movement of the substrate forming a long-life protective coating for weatherproofing roofs and walls.


  •  Free from toxic hazards - Water based
  • Requires no pre-heating or mixing
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Read for use


Suitable for application to almost any surface including roofing tiles, slate, brick, concrete, corrugated iron, asbestos, asphalt, felt, copper, zinc, most plastics and timber after suitable preparation.


Surfaces should be sound, dry and free from oil, wax and grease. Remove any loose, powdery or flaking material. Surfaces, which are contaminated with lichen or moss, should be brushed clean and washed with a Fungicidal Wash and allowed to dry thoroughly before coating. Any structural repairs that may be necessary should be carried out before applying Super-flex. After preparation, one coat of the appropriate primer or sealer, as detailed below should be applied and allowed to dry:

Asbestos, Asphalt, Felt, Bitumen,         }   Prime with a first coat of Super-flex thinned
Concrete, Brickwork, Rendering, Slate }   with 30% clean water

Plastics                                                  }   Lightly abrade and apply directly

Iron and Steel                                         }   Prime with an antis corrosive metal primer

Lead, Zinc, Copper, Aluminium              }   Clean and apply direct

Cracks and jointing treatment: After preparation and pre-treatment, cover all joints with PVC adhesive tape, in short lengths  (approx. 24 ins (60 cm)) to avoid stretching. Apply a thin coat of Super-flex over the tape and immediate surrounding area. Stipple 6 ins (15 cm) polyester or glass fibre scrim evenly into the wet Super-flex and allow to dry thoroughly. Apply a further thin coat of Super-flex, with a generous overlap on each side, and allow to dry. Apply at least one further full coat of Super-flex at the normal spreading rate and allow to dry. Care should be taken that the scrim membrane is properly embedded and flush to the contour of
the surface. If the repair is on an area subject to standing water, the perimeter of the Super-flex system should be extended to a
normally dry section.


small-localised cracks or fractures, apply two full coats of Super-flex over the treatment previously  outlined. Where the complete roof surface is to be weatherproofed, after necessary preparation as outlined, apply two full coats of Super-flex, allowing thorough drying between each coat. In ALL cases, the Super-flex finishing coats must be brushed at right angles to each other. On roof surfaces, Super flex finishing coats should be applied to a maximum of 2 sq. metres per litre per coat. Apply by "laying on" and do not apply like paint.

Gutters: These are normally lined with metal, asbestos or bituminous material. Failures often occur through porosity or loss of fall. To rectify leaking gutters, thoroughly clean down and apply appropriate primer or sealer, and treat cracks, fractures and joints with tape and scrim membrane as previously specified. Apply two full coats of Super-flex allowing thorough drying between coats.

Do not apply to wet or damp surfaces, or where there is a likelihood of rain before Super-flex has dried. Always apply two separate coats of Super-flex and not one extra thick coat. Ponded water should be brushed away especially on freshly applied Super-flex. It is essential to build up deep depressions on flat roofs to eliminate ponding..


 It is very important that Super flex weatherproofing system should be applied to the correct film thickness. The spreading rate of 2 sq. metres per litre per coat should not be exceeded.

Drying: Normally dry in approximately 4-6 hours @ 18oC and 65% relative humidity.

Flash Point: Not applicable - water based.
Clean up: Warm soapy water. Clean tools and equipment with water immediately after use.
Storage: Keep out of reach of children. Protect from frost. Do not store by hanging from a hook.

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