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Bedec Acryic FLOOR Paint - Colour Supplies (Chesham) Ltd

Bedec Acrylic Floor Paint

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Bedec Acrylic Floor Paint has been specially formulated using a combination of high build modified self cross linking acrylic resins, affording the complete solution for commercial and domestic floor coating needs. Suitable for use on wood and concrete floors.


* Water Based
* Protects and enhances the substrate.
* Eases removal of dirt, dust, oil and grease.
* Used for identification of specific areas.
* Reduce dusting, which causes damage to equipment such as computers, TV’s, DVD’s etc.
* Contains a fine aggregate to give anti-slip properties and enhanced grip.


Designed as an ideal decorative and protective coating for cement, rendering, concrete, stone, MDF, chipboard, hard and soft wood. May be applied to ferrous surfaces when used in conjunction with an appropriate anti corrosive metal primer. Also suitable for application to previously painted surface finished with solvent based paints.


Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from wax, grease and oil. Remove all dust and loose particles. New concrete should be allowed to thoroughly dry before coating ensure any laitence is washed off and removed prior to painting. On existing painted surfaces, remove all loose and flaking paint, and thoroughly rub down with abrasive paper. Power floated floors should be scarified to improve adhesion.


Stir thoroughly before use. Apply by brush, or for larger areas, lambs wool roller. On new or porous surfaces, seal the surface by thinning the first coat 20-30% with clean water, following with one or two coats as necessary. DO NOT APPLY AT TEMPERATURES BELOW 8º CENTIGRADE.

NOTE: The coated surface should not be treated with strong caustic cleaners.


Approximately 8-12 sq. metres/litre depending on application method, texture and porosity of substrate.


Touch dry in approx. 2 hours Normally recoatable after 4 hours. Ensure good ventilation during application and drying, the final coat should be allowed to dry for at least 16-24 hours before the floor is returned to full use, light foot traffic can be taken after 4 hours. Drying time is dependant upon temperature and humidity.

Flash Point: Not applicable.
Clean up: Warm soapy water.
Storage: Keep out of reach of children. Protect from frost

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