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Coral Foam Coater 4" Roller Cover

Coral Foam Coater 4" Roller Cover


Achieve a smooth and flawless finish every time with the Coral Foam Coater 4" Roller Cover. With its high density foam surface, this roller cover efficiently covers smooth to semi-smooth surfaces, leaving behind a lint-free finish. Compatible with standard roller frames, this pack of 10 covers is a must-have for any painting project. Order yours today for professional results.

  • Working with gloss paint, varnish or stains? In need of a flawless finish on smooth surfaces? Do you need a value pack of 10 Mini-roller sleeves?
  • Foam rollers deliver fast even coverage and zero lint loss on smooth surfaces. Ideal for painting skirting, doors, windows sills, cabinets, furniture and more.
  • High density foam has a near flat surface structure populated by micro craters. These craters pick up and apply a thin, near perfect coating. Being made from foam there is no lint lost.
  • You'll take care to apply a light, even coat. Avoid an orange peel or bubble effect by completely filling the cover and squeeze out excess. If necessary, apply sweeping paintbrush strokes to level.
  • High density foam Mini-rollers are widely used by professional decorators for the application of gloss paints. Achieve a great finish.


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