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HB42 Le Filla

HB42 Le Filla


HB42 Le Filla is a 2-part all in one filler is a rapid hardening polyester filler paste designed to fill and repair hole and surface imperfections on a wide range of substrates. Once mixed it will set hard to give an exceptionally strong finish and sets in 20-30 minutes. HB42 Le Filla can be drilled, carved or planed once dry. The system is weatherproof for both interior and exterior use.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Mix Application.
  • Exterior & Interior Use.
  • Sets in 20-30min Any Depth.
  • Drill, Screw, Sand & Plane.
  • Flexible Easy Smooth.
  • Low VOCs.
  • Accepts most paint & varnish finishes.
  • Even accepts Mechanical Fixings!

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