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Thermoguard Thermocoat WI Ultimate

Thermoguard Thermocoat WI Ultimate


Thermoguard Thermocoat WI Ultimate is a water-based intumescent coating that provides up to 90 minutes of fire resistance for interior structural steel and cast iron.

Thermoguard Thermocoat WI Ultimate has been optimised for Universal beams, Columns and other option section steel.


Key Benefits 

  • Up to 90 minutes of fire resistance
  • Can be overcoated with compatible decorative topcoat
  • Water-based and low odour
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective for large projects
  • Certificate of supply available on request
  • Can be applied by brush, airless spray or roller

How It Works

The heat of a fire triggers a catalytic reaction, causing the expansion of an insulating char layer up to 50 times the paint thickness. This layer keeps the steel below its critical temperature, thus maintaining the structural integrity of the building.

Application & Recoating

Thermocoat WI may be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. To achieve the best finish in the shortest time, spray application is recommended. Prior to application the "contractor" should contact the technical department and obtain an application schedule. To assist correct application in accordance with this schedule, a wet film gauge should be used, wet film gauges can be provided on request.

  • Maximum wet film thickness per brush coat – 800 microns
  • Maximum wet film thickness per spray coat – 1400 microns

Brush/Roller Application

  • Surface dry: minimum 2 hours
  • Recoat: minimum 4 hours
  • Overcoating with Thermoguard Flame retardant Topcoat: minimum 10 hours
Spray application
  • Surface dry: minimum 4 hours

  • Recoat: minimum 10 hours

  • Overcoating with Thermoguard Flame retardant Topcoat: minimum 48 hours

Thermoguard Thermocoat W1 Data Sheet  Thermoguard Thermocoat W1 Safety Sheet

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