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Thermoguard Wallcoat Insulating Basecoat

Thermoguard Wallcoat Insulating Basecoat


Thermoguard Wallcoat Insulating Basecoat is part of a thermoguard system that protects walls & ceilings covered with Multi-Layer Paints (no. number-of-coats limit), Asbestos and Antimony-paint contamination.

  • Safest flamespread standards Class 0 & new Class B
  • Safest toxic smoke & gas standard s1
  • Safest flaming droplets standard d0
  • Enables property managers to meet Duty of Care in just 2 coats

Wallcoat Insulating Basecoat encapsulates and protects the substrate through the reaction of the intumescent contained in the coating reducing the risks presented by multiple coats of paint, insulation foam installed in modern buildings that are highly flammable and from commonly used Flame Retardant Paints that contained Antimony that release lethal antimony-chloride gas and are still present on the walls of many buildings.

Wallcoat Insulating Basecoat and Anti-Microbial Wallcoat SFR protect against all of these risks and the spread of dangerous bacteria, fungal & other infections that can be harboured on standard painted surfaces.

Walls protected by Thermoguard Anti-Microbial systems rapidly accelerate the death of Corona & Flu viruses, help prevent bacteria colonisation and eradication of harmful bacteria.

 Themoguard Wallcoat Insulating Basecoat Safety Sheet

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