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Tikkurila Luja Universal Primer Colours

Tikkurila Luja Universal Primer Colours


Tikkurila Luja Universal Primer is an acrylic primer for use as part of the Luja hygiene system. Forms a tight impervious primer film which when used with Luja finishing coats prevents impregnation of moisture during repeated washing or constant high humidity.

Suitable for new and old surfaces, plaster, dry lining board, previously painted alkyd coatings, timber, wood fiber board, blockwork and concrete. This primer is well suited to kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, swimming pools, areas of high traffic, etc.

Luja Universal primer has London Underground approval for use in sub-surface areas.

For Interior or Exterior Use Interior
Surface Walls & Ceilings, Wood, Hygiene & Bathroom, Concrete, Saunas & Spa
Product Category Primer/Priming
Sheen Level Full Matt (0-5%)
Scrub Rating Class II
Product Certifications Finnish Key Flag, TFL
Product Ecolabels M1
VOC Levels Low (50-149 g/l)
Application Method Airless, Spray, Brush, Roller
Theoretical Cover Rate Depending on absorbency of surface. 
Touch Dry Touch-dry after 30 minutes.
Recoat Time Recoatable after 2 hours.
Waterbased or Solventbased Water
Tikkurila Luja Universal Primer Data Sheet Tikkurila Luja Universal Primer Safety Sheet

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