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Tikkurila Panssarimaali Colours

Tikkurila Panssarimaali Colours


Tikkurilla Panssarimaali is an alkyd semi-gloss paint for use on cladding and sheet metal.

Panssarimaali offers superb weather resistance, colour stability and an extremely durable finish which protects against attack from chemical and biological erosion.
Panssarimaali contains active anti corrosive pigments and can be applied as a primer finish to bare and rusted surfaces.

Suitable for new or previously painted interior and exterior cladding and roof sheets, steel, UPVC, gutters, drain pipes. Panssarimaali can be applied directly onto surfaces previously painted with alkyd or acrylic paints and industrially coated steel sheets (PVC, PURAL, POLYESTER, PVDF, Plastisol).

Application by brush, spray or roller, Panssarimaali is touch dry under normal conditions in 4 hours and re-coatable after 8 - 12 hours.

For Interior or Exterior Use Exterior
Surface Metal, Cladding, Roofing
Product Category Topcoat
Sheen Level Semi Gloss (36-60%)
Product Certifications Finnish Key Flag
Application Method Airless, Spray, Brush, Roller
Theoretical Cover Rate 8–12 m²/l.
Touch Dry Touch-dry after 3–5 hours.
Waterbased or Solventbased Solvent
Recoat Time Recoating recommended after one day.
Tikkurila Panssarimaali Data Sheet Tikkurila Panssarimaali Safety Sheet

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