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Tikkurila Valtti Base (Pohjuste)

Tikkurila Valtti Base (Pohjuste)


Tikkurila Valtti Base (Pohjuste) is a traditional colourless priming oil.  The base is absorbed into the wood making untreated timber water repellent and providing protection against microbial and insect attack.  Pohjuste priming oil can be overcoated with a wide range of Tikkurila stains and opaque top coats and is an ideal solution for the treatment of glulam beams and other site timbers which may be stored outside prior to installation.

For Interior or Exterior Use Exterior
Surface Wood
Product Category Primer/Priming
Product Certifications Finnish Key Flag
Application Method Spray, Brush, Dipping
Standard Colour Clear
Theoretical Cover Rate Sawn surfaces 4–5 m²/l. Planed surfaces 10–12 m²/l
Touch Dry Normally touch-dry in half an hour
Waterbased or Solventbased Solvent
Recoat Time Recoatable after 24 hours.
Tikkurila Valtti Base Data Sheet Tikkurila Valtti Base Safety Sheet

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