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Tritech T5- Carry + Hopper

Tritech T5- Carry + Hopper


TriTech T5 airless sprayer package carry model 240v, ready to use with 15 metre hose, gun and spray tip.

Max tip - 0.025"
Flow/minute - 2.27 litres
MWP - 227 bar / 3300 psi
Weight - 16.8 kg
Power Supply - Single phase electric 240 volt
Motor - 820 watt PMDC

TriTech Airless Pumps With A Lifetime Warranty

TriTech takes great pride in its manufacturing capabilities and that all of their equipment is ‘100% USA Designed & Manufactured’. We believe that if you’re going to put your name on something – you need to be prepared to back it up. TriTech are – with a lifetime warranty.

The motor, including the brushes and drivetrain of any TriTech airless sprayer are warranted under normal use and service against defects in craftsmanship or material for the lifetime of the product. All other components are covered against defects in craftsmanship or material for three years from date of purchase.


When TriTech set out to design and manufacture a range of airless paint spraying pumps they only had one objective. To make them the best.

Designed and manufactured at their state of the art facility in New Jersey, USA these all-new TriTech pumps incorporate innovations in design that utilise the highest quality unique materials and efficient manufacturing processes. The result? Precision built, ultra-reliable, long lasting airless sprayers.

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